034 – Value Alignment with Your Host

Episode 34 with your host, is a quick 16 minute episode about getting clear on your values and stepping into alignment with your true self. By identifying our values, we can get clearer on what feels right, or wrong, depending on our own moral compass. This can help us in areas of relationships, career, friendships and in our daily life. If we simply ask ourselves the question “Does this align with my values?” and make our decisions accordingly, we can move through life knowing that we are walking along the right path for us. You can connect with your host via instagram at @stephsanzaro Happy listening!

Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today’s episode is a short solo episode with your host about Value Alignment.

If you are new to value alignment then this is the episode for you, because today we are going to get clear on what our values really are.

Values are very important when it comes to making decisions in our life, based on what we believe is right or wrong, in regards to our own moral compass or ethics.

Making decisions that align with our values will ultimately help lead us down the right path and keep us in alignment with ourself.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • what are values?
  • why you should get clear on them
  • values in relationships
  • values in career
  • values in friendships
  • values in our day to day life
  • what are the benefits of becoming aligned with your values?
  • how to get clear on your values

I hope you enjoyed this short episode on value alignment and are now more aware of what your values truly are and are now feeling more connected to your path moving forward.

Any feedback is warmly welcomed, thank you so much for being here and I will see you all next week!

Happy listening friends,

Steph xx