037 – Rituals, Gratitude and Journaling with Your Host

This solo episode is all about rituals, gratitude and journaling! After a few requests, I decided to combine the three into a short 25 minute episode sharing my morning rituals/morning routine that I use to create a really beautiful mindset for the day, a template for my journal entries and why I appreciate gratitude as a means for elevating our vibration. If you enjoy this episode you can connect with me further via @stephsanzaro on Instagram xx

Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today you are joining me for a short solo episode on Rituals, Gratitude and Journaling.

Over the past month I have had a few requests to talk about my journaling and morning rituals, so I decided to combine them and to discuss a little bit about gratitude as well, three things that I like to use to elevate my morning and to start my day off in a beautiful mindset.

I have been using writing as a form of self exploration for many years but I’ve only adopted a daily journaling habit within the past year and I have seen it as a beautiful time for self reflection and a source of greater understanding. I share my template for journaling here with you today, not as a recommendation but simply as a peek into my own practice.

In the current moment I am apart of a wonderful yoga immersion called 40 Days and 40 Nights run by the fantastic Bec over at Zero Point Yoga. In this episode I briefly talk about what the course has been like and the rituals involved. This has been such a brilliant investment in helping me to learn and adopt new skills into my every day life, I could not recommend it more. To find out when her next enrolment will be, stay tuned here.

In this episode we will look a little further into why gratitude is so important and how starting our day with appreciation can be so important for us in focusing on the good energy rather than the negative.

Today we discuss:

  • morning rituals and routines
  • small introduction to Zero Point Yoga’s 40 Days and 40 Nights yoga immersion
  • movement for mental health
  • nourishing our body through food
  • creating gratitude lists
  • a template for my journal entries
  • feelings, validation and mapping
  • writing as a tool for self exploration

Thank you so much for listening and sharing your time with me. You can connect with me over at @stephsanzaro on Instagram, your thoughts and feelings are always welcome.

Happy listening,

Steph x

035 – Uncovering Limiting Beliefs and Putting Yourself Out There with Your Host

Episode 35 on limiting beliefs and putting yourself out there. In this short 20 minute solo episode, we explore the idea of uncovering limiting beliefs through therapy, therapy as a means for mental exploration, protection mechanisms, living with anxiety, the benefits of stepping into discomfort, discovering what you are capable of, following the call of your soul, the importance of clear intentions and manifestation and the impact of self worth and self love on our belief of what we deserve from our lives. In this episode I share a piece of my heart with you all, I hope you find comfort in the words and perhaps a new sense of understanding within yourself. Thank you for sharing your time with me. If you’d like to connect you can find me at @stephsanzaro on Instagram. Happy listening xx

Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today you are joining me for a solo episode on limiting beliefs and putting yourself out there.

In this short solo episode we will be talking about:

  • uncovering limiting beliefs through therapy
  • therapy as a means for mental exploration
  • my personal experience with anxiety
  • protection mechanisms in my life
  • the benefits I found from stepping into the discomfort
  • breaking through my fear of travelling alone
  • following the call of your soul
  • understanding what we are capable of
  • the importance of clear intentions and manifestation
  • why we need to take action in manifestation
  • stepping into alignment with your goals
  • the impact of self worth and self love on our belief of what we deserve

Thank you so much for joining me for this weeks episode, I love sharing little snippets from my life with you all, that I have found to be extremely profound in my growth and I hope they provoke a new line of thinking within your own.

You can connect with me via instagram at @stephsanzaro

Happy listening,

Steph xx

030 – Stepping Into Your Power with Tom Robb

In this episode I am joined by the electric Tom Robb, to talk about stepping into our power and living in our authentic truth, showing up exactly as we are and owning our individuality. We will talk about opening your mind to self development, why life doesn’t get in the way ‘life is the way’, breaking the stigma of Men’s mental health at a young age, why your uniqueness is what makes you special, why we need to communicate openly and so much more! You can find more from Tom at @lifeis_theway on instagram xx

Hi all, welcome back to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today we are joined by the electric Tom Robb, a speaker, yoga teacher, outdoor facilitator, mediation teacher and mentor.

That’s right… he does all of those things! Tom oozes passion for helping others become the best versions of themselves.

He has a strong love for self development and along his self improvement journey he has created some wonderful resources that now helps other’s on their journey too.

Life Is The Way is his business and Tom speaks today about how ”Life doesn’t get in the way, life is the way”.

In today’s episode, Tom and I discuss:

  • finding freedom and flexible income with yoga teaching
  • opening your mind to self development
  • working with young minds and providing a safe space for them
  • why it’s never too late to start, age is no barrier
  • why life doesn’t get in the way, life is the way
  • why we need to act on our ideas and passions instantly
  • breaking the stigma of Men’s mental health at a young age
  • why operating at your highest frequency is important for everyone around you
  • why your uniqueness is what makes you special in this life
  • why ”you don’t lose; you learn”
  • why we need to communicate openly and check in on the people around us regularly
  • why we need to step outside the box of social norms and be our authentic selves
  • a message we need to share with our kids

This was such a rad episode to sit down and record and it carries a lot of power along with it’s words.

A big thank you to Tom for showing up exactly as he is and being his best self for us today.

You can find more from Tom on instagram

Or find him through his website

Thank you to you, for joining Tom and I today and sharing your time with us both! We would love to hear from you and hear what you think 🙂

Happy listening,

Steph xx

020 – Resilience, Strength and Finding Wellness with Sarah McCarthy

A powerful episode, with the incredible Sarah McCarthy. Sarah is a Fitness and Wellness professional who is making a massive impact in the local community. This episode is something special, Sarah and I broach the hard, yet honest realties of life. We discuss Sarah’s early childhood in commission housing, her Dad’s attempted suicide, losing her father to terminal cancer, battling anorexia and disordered eating, living a purposeful life, breaking stigmas, movement as medicine and much more! This episode is a MUST listen and definitely not one to miss!

Hey guys welcome back for another week, with yet another incredible guest!

Today we are joined by the wonderful Sarah McCarthy, a fitness and wellness professional who is breaking down stigmas and making a big impact in the Geelong community!

Sarah’s story is one of resilience and I am so honoured to share it with you today.

Guys, this is one powerful episode that broaches some really hard, yet important topics.

Topics that yes we may find hard BUT… are so relatable in today’s world and I believe that Sarah sharing them here with us today is such an important thing in helping to raise awareness and helping to enrich the lives of others!!!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Her early childhood in commission housing
  • Her Dad’s attempt with suicide
  • Losing her father to terminal cancer
  • Getting into the fitness and wellness industry
  • Battling anorexia and disordered eating
  • Overcoming these hardships and battles
  • The importance of a support network
  • Strength training, rest and healthy eating
  • Volunteering and living a purposeful life
  • Movement as medicine
  • Breaking down the Mental Health Stigma
  • Men’s and Female only Projects
  • Becoming a Lululemon ambassador
  • Leading by example

This episode is filled with so much light and so much value. There are so many things in this episode that I founds so inspiring and so empowering and I really hope you do too!

The work Sarah has been doing surrounding Men’s mental health is so admirable and is such a testament to the person that she is!

It’s very exciting that Sarah will be running a Women’s only event on the weekend of International Womens Day! It will be held on the 6th of March at 5.30pm! Whilst I cannot share too many details I can share that it will be being held at one of the newest and most gorgeous new yoga spaces in Geelong and that there will be a very special guest speaker gracing everyone with their presence! It will be a night not to miss!

We have to say a massive thank you to Sarah today for being such an incredible guest and for being as honest and transparent as they come, a quality we know and very much love from our guests on the Plant Based Body Podcast!

If you found there was anything in today’s episode that you feel may have brought up something in you and you feel as though you may need to talk; I have listed a few services below that are amazing at what they do!




For more from Sarah, head to:



Be sure to keep an eye on her instagram for more details surrounding the Women’s only event, Yeah The Girls!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode with the amazing Sarah McCarthy!

If you feel that her story and message need to be heard by more people, then share this episode to your story on Instagram and help spread her incredible journey of resilience, strength and finding wellness.

I look forward to seeing you again in my next episode!

For now,
Happy listening

Love Steph xx

016 – Owning Your Story with Purpose with Mel Yu

Today I am joined by Mel Yu, the entrepreneur behind Ego Expo, MCO events and an avid keynote speaker for Suicide Prevention. This episode is a powerhouse of information and inspiration. Get ready to cry, laugh and learn from this incredible woman. We discuss life after losing your love to suicide, the importance of going ‘within’, self work and self love, building and growing business, owning your story and much, much more!

Hello my dear friends, welcome back to the Plant Based Body Podcast.

Today’s episode is extremely special; I am joined by the incredible women that is, Mel Yu.

Mel has an incredible story. I feel extremely honoured to have been trusted with holding space for Mel as she takes us through her journey.

And what a journey it has been!

Mel has experienced her fair share of hardship. After experiencing family troubles early in life and dealing with racism and bullying in school, in 2014 Mel then lost her partner Gus, to suicide.

It was that heartbreaking and earth shattering kind of love. And the loss of this was something that rocked Mel to her core. What could have been an easy path for Mel to fall into a spiral of depression as well, over the years she has found new strength and has been able to take her lowest point and turn it into power; as an advocate for suicide prevention.

Mel has become an advocate for mental health and is an avid key note speaker. Mel is also the entrepreneur behind Ego Expo and MCO Events, two incredible businesses that are taking Melbourne and Australia by storm.

This amazing lady has so much knowledge and wisdom to share and this episode is a power house of inspiration. I left this conversation buzzing, and I know you will too.

In this episode Mel and I discuss:

  • Mel’s journey
  • Shifting your perspective
  • Suicide and life after
  • Letting blame and shame go
  • Living your life ‘in flow’
  • Hitting rock bottom and finding the strength to rise back up
  • Fostering self awareness
  • Reaching out for help and finding the right person to talk to
  • The power of going ‘within’
  • Building a mental health network
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Owning your story with purpose
  • Becoming A self-made business woman
  • Investing in yourself
  • Leading with kindess
  • Conscious content consumption
  • Positive affirmations for self love
  • Finding gratitude

“The worst thing you can leave behind, is a story untold”.

I am so humbled to share this powerful episode with you all and cannot thank Mel enough for her time and for sharing so openly.

You can find Mel on instagram here

If you or someone you know is struggling, Lifeline is an incredible resource for help and someone to talk to. Be kind to others always, you never know what is really going on underneath.

Happy listening,

Love Steph x

014 – The ‘Food as Fuel’ Battle with Matt Sipala

In today’s episode I am joined by Matt Sipala from You4ia Health and Active Living. Matt is a fitness professional, who in this episode opens up about food addiction, calorie counting and calorie restriction, his mental health, transitioning to a plant based diet and much, much more. I can’t wait for you to listen!

Hey guys welcome back to the Plant Based Body Podcast!

In today’s episode I am joined by Matt Sipala of You4ia Health and Active Living.

This is a really great episode that I think lots of us out there can resonate with.

It has become an all too common thing for many of us out there to experience body image issues and Matt is no stranger to this.

In this episode Matt and I discuss:

  • Matt’s story
  • Mental health
  • Masculinity and femininity
  • Being a young teen at 100kg
  • Battling with calorie counting and calorie restriction
  • The ‘fun’ of fad diets
  • Finding sustainable health and fitness
  • Transitioning to a plant based diet
  • Becoming a podcaster and tips & tricks
  • Self care for Matt
  • The importance of breathing and meditation

What a jam packed episode! I’m so happy that matt joined us this week and shared his incredible story with us. Every week I am astounded by the incredible guests who join me and share so openly and vulnerably. It is incredibly inspirational and hopefully this episode has left you with a little clarity moving forward in your life.

You can find more from Matt here

Happy listening

Steph x

007 – Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone with Your Host Steph Sanzaro

Welcome to my first solo episode. This week I take you through my crazy experience in the week just past, with the Unyoked project and a spontaneous yet transformative trip to the Grampians with a guy that was no more than a stranger a week before. This episode is about the crazy things the world presents you with when you start to step outside of your comfort zone and step into your fears! It’s time to open yourself up to all the possibilities the world has waiting for you!

In this episode I take the plunge and record my very first solo podcast.

It has taken me a while to get to this point where I feel comfortable sitting in front of the microphone and to talk about myself.

But it’s time to not be fearful anymore. It’s time to provide value and share some of the insights that I have come to learn over my life!

In the last week I have seen more of a transformation in myself, than I have in years… all from simply stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing something that would normally scare the absolute hell out of me.

I am not going to give you any spoilers but this episode is really about all of the wonderful things that the universe seems to present to you with when you decide to sit in the discomfort, step into your fears and stop letting your anxious brain control you.

The best things truly do come when you start to open yourself up to new experiences and new opportunities. It is a beautiful reminder that accepting help, is not weak. It is brave, it allows people in to your life and allows intimacy.

The people I have met and gotten to know over the past week have now shaped me for what is to come next in my life.

Each person and experience is a learning opportunity and provides so much space for growth and self awareness.

I hope you guys enjoy this episode and if you do, please feel free to tag someone who needs to hear this today.

Love Steph! xx

005 – Sustainable Food, Health and Fitness with Elise Carver

In this episode I am joined by Elise Carver (@littlebantamsurftrainer) as we discuss sustainable living, fitness and food. An incredible insight that I believe will change the way we think about our health and fitness forever. In this episode we also touch on social media, growing a business through Instagram, mental health, living with Gastritis and fueling and moving your body.

Welcome back to the Plant Based Body Podcast!

In this episode I am joined by Elise Carver (@littlebantamsurftrainer) of Surf Style Training. This episode is jam packed with amazing goodies that I know you guys will love!

Today we talk:

  • her journey
  • fitness
  • social media
  • mental health
  • sustainability
  • fueling your body for optimisation
  • the gut and Gastritis

We discuss Elises early life, moving from place to place and the instability when she was growing up and the rocky relationship she has with her mother and her step father. She explains the work she has had to do to help her over come these issues and ultimately overcome a lot of her childhood trauma.

Elise found home within the Surf Coast, where she lives a sustainable lifestyle with her husband. Elise works as a trainer and online coach, provides active stretching and training tips to her many Instagram followers and is soon to be a published Author.

When ‘sustainability’ is the topic of conversation, we normally think of minimal waste living. But in this episode we talk about sustainable fitness; is your fitness routine a long term commitment or a short term quick fix that will burn you out? What about food? Are you dieting and doing crazy challenges that are unsustainable in the long run or are you eating to fuel your body best?

Elise shares amazing insights for those who have never heard of sustainability before and quick and easy tips that we can use to implement sustainability into our lives today.

I hope you have your pen ready because you are about to learn an abundance of knowledge that will help to change your life forever! 

If you would like to connect with Elise and provide her with some feedback you can find her here:

Instagram – @littlebantamsurftrainer

Website – https://surfstyletraining.com.au

I want to thank Elise for being so honest and so willing to help others, she is providing incredible content through her instagram teaching and inspiring others and truly wants to change other peoples lives but more importantly… change the world!

What a legend.

Steph xx

004 – Binge Eating to Boss Girling with Lucy Brennan

Lucy Brennan is the founder and directer of Luce Fit Australia. In this inspiring episode we discuss overcoming binge eating, anxiety, competing in fitness competitions, founding a successful business and cultivating self love. Have your pens ready because this episode is full of amazing and helpful tips!

Welcome back for another episode of the Plant Based Body Podcast! 🙂

This episode is truly wonderful and heart warming.

My conversation with Lucy is full of empowering messages and inspiring ways to help improve our relationship with food and our bodies.

In this episode Lucy takes us through her early life and into high school. We talk about where she headed after school and her experience with University and moving to Melbourne.

It was there she blossomed as a PT and worked the usual AM and PM fitness professional grind.

We talk about the positives but also the struggles of competing in fitness competitions and how this ultimately effected Lucy’s body image.

However, Melbourne was not for Luce and she ventured overseas where she really discovered her drive and purpose.

Upon her return Lucy knew exactly what she wanted to do… to create an all female gym that would empower women in her community to get their bodies moving and to help improve their relationship with their bodie’s.

This is where Luce Fit Aus was born!

In this podcast we explore mindfulness, self love, building a business, competing,  anxiety, over coming binge eating and poor self image and so many more precious goodies!

I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as I did and fall in love with Lucy’s ethos and passion!

She is a wonderful inspiration for all girls out there wanting to make something of themselves and build their own business; and she proves that not everyone needs to go to University to be successful!

Luce Fit Aus is a warm and nurturing womens gym in Geelong, and it’s community continues to grow every day!

If you would like to be a part of it, head over and follow this link to explore their Instagram

Thank you guys for tuning in for another episode and we will see you next week!

Steph xx

001 – Breaking the Stigma with Nick Bell

A beautifully honest podcast about the trouble of over coming mental health and breaking the stigma.

Hey guys,

Welcome to the first episode of the Plant Based Body Podcast.

There seems to be this stigma out there surrounding Mental Health.

Still. In 2019.

Why is it still shameful to express that you’re not doing the best?

Everyone struggles. Everyone has down days and everyone has moments where it all seems too much.

So it should make sense that we talk about it with our family and our friends and ask for help in these dark times right???

Unfortunately the answer is NO.

Far too many children, teenagers and adults are suffering in silence. They are trying to fight alone and it is a fight they are losing.

The new statistics show that suicide rates are at an all time high. Specifically among young men. 3 in 4 suicides are men.
What a horrible statistic.

But why men? Why do they lead this number?

Could it be the expectation that is placed on them from a young age to ‘be tough and get over it’?

What about the saying ‘boys don’t cry’?

It could be both of those things.

Unfortunately it doesn’t change the fact that many men are suffering in silence and they’re unable to get help before it’s too late!

But what would happen if men knew that it was okay to say they are not okay?

What if they were told that they could feel whatever it was they were feeling and that it was normal?

What if they knew it was okay to talk to others and share their feelings with other people, from a young age?

What if they knew that they would still be ‘a man’ even if they cried?

What if more men spoke out and normalised mental health among other men?

Well that is exactly why Nick Bell is my first guest on the Plant Based Body Podcast.

To speak out.
To say its okay to not feel okay.
To express that it’s okay to ask for help.
To break the stigma around mental health.

Nick is a young man.
Just like your brother, your cousin, boyfriend, husband, or your father or uncle used to be.

He works a normal job, he goes to uni and he loves sport and music just like any young man.

He has had his hard times and his good times too.

His life, like many others; has not been easy.

He has struggled with mental illness, thoughts of suicide and hopelessness.

However, he is still here.

Nick found himself at a point where his mental health had hit its lowest point. At times the emotion was too much and it overwhelmed him with sadness.

It was at this time that he decided to film a video. A video of him opening up about his situation, his life and being affected by mental health.

In this heart wrenching video Nick explains the depths of his depression and bares all, so that the viewer can truly see behind his usual charade of ‘that bubbly guy’.

No one had seen this side of Nick before. No one knew that he was struggling.
And it’s heart breaking to hear that he almost did something that he can never take back.

He posted this video to his Facebook, whilst he was overseas in Europe. It was a chance for him to finally express how he was feeling, to be free.

He received an overwhelming response of support and love from family, friends but also complete strangers. Something in his video resonated with others… ‘that everyone struggles’.

But, to bear your soul so openly comes at an extremely vulnerable price.

Will he be labeled as ‘the mental health guy’?
Will people treat him differently?
Will his friends still accept him the way he is?
Will people understand him?

The answer?

He became a role model for others around him. He showed everyone that it’s okay to talk about how you are feeling and to let people see the real you. And that is all that matters.

The more people who talk about their struggle publicly, the more normalised it becomes.

The more normalised it is to seek help.

It is not weak to ask for help, it is brave.

It is admitting that you are not perfect, but you’re willing to work towards a better you.

There are many free resources out there for those who are in need of someone to talk to.

We mention a wonderful centre in Geelong called Headspace that has been a tremendous help to Nick and his wellbeing.

You can also contact Beyond BlueSuicide LineLife Line.

  • We discuss the importance of taking a social media detox and getting off the web and focusing on your self for a while
  • We discuss the importance of seeking help professionally and from family
  • We discuss the benefits of getting out there and moving your body with exercise

It is impossible to know what is really going on behind a big beautiful smile.

Sometimes the biggest smile, hides the biggest heartache.

If someone you know is experiencing a hard time, be compassionate.
Open up your time to them and offer them company and support.

You don’t need to fix their problems. They don’t need you for that. Just simply sit and be with them. Keep them company and let them know that it’s okay to not be okay.

Reach out to the people you love, send a message of random love or a cute phone call.

Tell people how you feel about them, be brave, be vulnerable and be courageous.

And most importantly, seek help if you need to.

Because the only way we are going to break this stigma…

Is by smashing the fuck out of it.

Love Steph

I would like to thank Nick Bell for his honesty and his candour in this epsidode.
It takes a fearless and brave young man to do as he has done.

But the more people out there like Nick, the closer we are to breaking this stigma around mental health.

You can find Nick on Instagram Here

Be kind always xx