041 – A Message From Your Host As We Close Another Year

Our final episode of 2020!

Wow, where did the time go?…
A massive thank you to each and every one of you, who took the time to listen to these episodes this year. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you, truly I am so thankful.

In this final episode of the year, your host discusses the year that was. The learnings that came from deep contraction, as we enter this new phase of expansion. We talk about stepping into your power this holiday season and staying true to your values and protecting your energy. We walk through boycotting New Years resolutions and welcoming in SMART goals. Wrapping up the episode with some ways to maintain our mental health through the holiday season, before a loving goodbye for now, to you and 2020.

You all make this podcast what it is, thank you for being here. Love, Steph xx

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Welcome to the final episode of The Steph Sanzaro Podcast for 2020!

What a year…

24 massive episodes in 12 months, a huge achievement given the crazy year we have all had and the unfortunate circumstances that has been my health.

I want to thank you all for your kindness and patience with me this year as I have sporadically uploaded these episodes, with zero consistency. You have all be so understanding as I move through this healing phase and I am so so thankful.

You all make this podcast what it is and I am so thankful to each and every one of you for taking the time to listen to these episodes, my heart could quite literally explode.

Todays episode is just a final message to you all before we close out 2020.

In this episode I gloss over the year that was, validating our experience in this craziness that was a global pandemic. I touch on my experiences, healing from typhoid fever and dengue fever and how it changed my world completely.

I talk about setting SMART goals and leaving New Years resolutions behind, stepping into your power this holiday season and doing what serves you and protecting your energy from what doesn’t. I discuss some of the ways I will be working to maintain my mental health during this season and wrapping it up with a final goodbye for 2020.

I love you all and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to listen today,

Steph xx

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