009 – This Hot Mess with Kim Cooper

Kim Cooper is the woman behind This Hot Mess, an amazing blog about sharpening minds and softening hearts. This is a beautiful episode filled with many pockets of wisdom. You will learn about the reality of being a Primary Carer, how to create and be your own brand, living and managing Anxiety, self care, living authentically and much, much more! This is one you cannot miss!

Welcome back to the Plant Based Body Podcast.

Today I am joined by Kim Cooper, a dear friend of mine who is changing her slice of the world for the better.

Kim is a sensational human being who is a massive beacon in the Geelong community and a part of many philanthropic endeavours. She is a professional singer, brand representative and blogger. Kim is also the primary carer of her father.

But, this ‘wonder of a woman’ still manages to find the time to perform local gigs, go to social events, be on the panel for local charities, write pieces for Forte Mag, create video content for Humans in Geelong, be a brand rep for many companies AND write her own blog; This Hot Mess!

Is there anything this girl can’t do?!

In this podcast we discuss:

  • what it’s like to be a Primary Carer for a loved one
  • the in’s and out’s of Anxiety and tips to manage and support yourself
  • advice for networking, building a brand and being your authentic self
  • over delivering, the influencer industry and doing instagram for the right reasons
  • self care and mindfulness
  • living a life that is true to yourself

It’s one you cannot miss!

Kim’s new project is This Hot Mess, a blog that is all about “sharpening minds and softening hearts”.

She relaunches her creation on the 12th of September 2019.
You can find it here This Hot Mess

Keep your eyes peeled on this project guys, there are big things coming from miss Kim Cooper!

This podcast offers so many pockets of wisdom!

I personally feel that I have been so incredibly changed and enlightened by Kim’s insights and listening to her speak.

I am very grateful Kim took the time to sit down with us today and share her wonderful knowledge.

You can find more from Kim here on Instagram

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode and I look forward to seeing you again next week!

Steph xx