002 – Building the Vibe Tribe with Bree Filippone

A very special episode about Bree’s journey, body image, creating your own business, self love, dating, starting a fitness journey, social media and building the ‘vibe tribe’. Bree is a qualified exercise sports scientist, graphic designer and co-founder of The HIIT Project and The Finishr.

Welcome to Episode 002 of the Plant Based Body Podcast.

In this episode I am joined by the beautiful Bree Filippone.

This episode is extremely special, we discuss some extremely valuable points that I think everyone out there should hear.

We discuss Bree’s journey to where she is today, over-coming a sports injury that derailed her basketball career, her experience with body image issues and her relationship with food. We talk about becoming a fitness professional and the ups and downs of starting your own business. We explore the world of dating and offer some seriously good advice for any single pal’s out there holding out for the ‘one’. She offers some incredible tips to anyone wanting to kick start their own fitness journey and we discuss her very exciting new projects!!!

You are going to learn a lot from this podcast, so wherever you are I hope you have a pen ready or your notes ready to type down the absolute gems of wisdom we discuss in this episode. I absolutely fell IN LOVE with Bree whilst recording this episode and I just know you will too!

Bree is a qualified Exercise Sports Scientist, Graphic Designer and qualified Personal Trainer, raised in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

She grew up as a sporty kid, playing basketball, volleyball and little athletics.

Basketball was where her heart really belonged though. All the way through to her 20’s she played the game competitively, until an injury derailed her career and she ruptured her ACL.

She was heavily involved in sports rehabilitation to get her back in fighting shape and to get back into the game. During this time she found a love for the gym and sports conditioning.

During high school Bree was the girl that loved her sports and was fit and lean. Until schoolies and summer holidays got the best of her and she became a little larger in weight, than her normal small frame.

After becoming extremely unwell with glandular fever, the weight disappeared. Her friends reaction was that of ‘Wow you look great! How did you do that?‘. This unfortunately led to disordered self image for Bree and this encouraged her to continue and seek-out ways to remain in this new small frame. This was a worrying time for her and her family.

Her ups and downs with her relationship to food and her body; whilst they didn’t lead her to her becoming a fitness professional, it did lead her to discovering the ‘proper‘ way to care and to look after her body. Her goals soon changed from being ‘thin’ to becoming ‘fit and strong’ and working out for performance.

She studied Graphic Design at university, before studying her second degree in Exercise Sports Science and doing her Personal Training degree.

This lead her to founding the HIIT Project; a high intensity, intentional, workout group fitness business.

And of course the Finishr; a ‘Vibe Tribe’ running group. It is a FREE run club, that runs every Sunday (pardon the pun). There is a surprise location every single week, announced on the Thursday before.

It encourages the community to get out and about early on a Sunday morning and to start their day off in the best possible way. It truly is a VIBE TRIBE. Anyone is welcome, of any skill level or any type of human/dog. You can walk, trot, run or just chat. It is a community.

Now, a Lululemon ambassador and an inspirational influence in the Geelong/Melbourne/Bellarine/Surfcoast community, Bree is honestly little pocket rocket.

She offers her ideas for self love, mindfulness and tips for anyone out there wanting to start their own fitness journey.

She shares her experiences and her stories with no hesitation. This girl simply wants to ‘give’ and you can just hear her passion and excitement for what she does in her voice.

I am so excited to see what is next to come from this girl, I just know it is going to be HUGE!

I hope you love this one just as much as me,

Happy listening ❤