008 – Tales of a Plant Based Traveler with Jian Wong Yen

Have you ever wanted to travel the world like you are limitless? Well my next guest Jian Wong Yen has. In this beautiful episode Jian tells us about his crazy and wonderful experiences from his years of traveling the world. His reflections and insights into the monumental moments of his life will leave you feeling inspired and enlightened. Be prepared for that fire inside of you to ignite!

What a journey this has been so far! I am so excited to have you all back with me for another week on the Plant Based Body Podcast! This is truly such a wonderful medium for people to share their experiences and their lives and presents the listeners with an opportunity to learn and grow.

My next guest is no exception!

This episode excites that itchy part of you that is seeking MORE from life!

My guest Jian Wong Yen, is about to tell you the craziest of tales about his years of traveling the world. Prepare to be shocked, amazed and inspired.

His experiences will ignite a fire in you to go out there and do the things that scare you, to take risks and reminds us that we are capable of everything we set our minds to!

Over his years of travel Jian has written a reflection on each monumental moment that has happened to him. Through his reflections he has been able to unpack and gain insight into how each of them has affected and shaped him.

This podcast offers wisdom beyond Jian’s years and I cannot wait for you to be as inspired by this episode as I was.


Steph xx