020 – Resilience, Strength and Finding Wellness with Sarah McCarthy

A powerful episode, with the incredible Sarah McCarthy. Sarah is a Fitness and Wellness professional who is making a massive impact in the local community. This episode is something special, Sarah and I broach the hard, yet honest realties of life. We discuss Sarah’s early childhood in commission housing, her Dad’s attempted suicide, losing her father to terminal cancer, battling anorexia and disordered eating, living a purposeful life, breaking stigmas, movement as medicine and much more! This episode is a MUST listen and definitely not one to miss!

Hey guys welcome back for another week, with yet another incredible guest!

Today we are joined by the wonderful Sarah McCarthy, a fitness and wellness professional who is breaking down stigmas and making a big impact in the Geelong community!

Sarah’s story is one of resilience and I am so honoured to share it with you today.

Guys, this is one powerful episode that broaches some really hard, yet important topics.

Topics that yes we may find hard BUT… are so relatable in today’s world and I believe that Sarah sharing them here with us today is such an important thing in helping to raise awareness and helping to enrich the lives of others!!!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Her early childhood in commission housing
  • Her Dad’s attempt with suicide
  • Losing her father to terminal cancer
  • Getting into the fitness and wellness industry
  • Battling anorexia and disordered eating
  • Overcoming these hardships and battles
  • The importance of a support network
  • Strength training, rest and healthy eating
  • Volunteering and living a purposeful life
  • Movement as medicine
  • Breaking down the Mental Health Stigma
  • Men’s and Female only Projects
  • Becoming a Lululemon ambassador
  • Leading by example

This episode is filled with so much light and so much value. There are so many things in this episode that I founds so inspiring and so empowering and I really hope you do too!

The work Sarah has been doing surrounding Men’s mental health is so admirable and is such a testament to the person that she is!

It’s very exciting that Sarah will be running a Women’s only event on the weekend of International Womens Day! It will be held on the 6th of March at 5.30pm! Whilst I cannot share too many details I can share that it will be being held at one of the newest and most gorgeous new yoga spaces in Geelong and that there will be a very special guest speaker gracing everyone with their presence! It will be a night not to miss!

We have to say a massive thank you to Sarah today for being such an incredible guest and for being as honest and transparent as they come, a quality we know and very much love from our guests on the Plant Based Body Podcast!

If you found there was anything in today’s episode that you feel may have brought up something in you and you feel as though you may need to talk; I have listed a few services below that are amazing at what they do!




For more from Sarah, head to:



Be sure to keep an eye on her instagram for more details surrounding the Women’s only event, Yeah The Girls!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode with the amazing Sarah McCarthy!

If you feel that her story and message need to be heard by more people, then share this episode to your story on Instagram and help spread her incredible journey of resilience, strength and finding wellness.

I look forward to seeing you again in my next episode!

For now,
Happy listening

Love Steph xx