026 – Learning to Live a Mindful Life with Maddison Vernon

Episode 26 with the radiant Maddison Vernon is a beautiful episode that takes us through the journey to leading a more mindful life. We look at Maddison’s own personal journey, her experience with anxiety, yoga teacher training, falling ill and how the recovery from this illness ultimately changed the pace of live she chose to live. This is a wonderful episode and there are many pockets of heart warming goodness in here surrounding the importance of meditation, self care and kindness. You can connect with Maddison on instagram at @maddison_vernon Happy listening my friends.

Welcome back to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today we are joined by the radiant Maddison Vernon!

Maddison is a mindset coach and a meditation and mindfulness teacher. Through her own experiences, she has learnt how to live a more mindful life, one of self care, self worth and self love.

Mindfulness can mean a lot of things. But being mindful, simply means being aware of yourself, your body and being conscious in your decisions and choices.

Mindful activities can be yoga, meditation, journaling, walking, painting, drawing or anything that can pull you out of your thoughts and into the present moment.

Maddison takes us through some beautiful techniques on how to immerse meditation into your life, even if you’ve tried and tried and have never been able to be present in your self before.

In this episode we talk about:

  • the reality of living with anxiety and working with professionals to seek another pathway
  • using yoga as a means for mindful change
  • could a yoga course be right for you, physically and spiritually?
  • when it’s time to give up the fast paced, high expectational life
  • getting sick in Bali and how it knocked her body for the long run
  • how our health challenges can effect more parts of our lives than just the obvious
  • opening your circle up to a wide variety of healers, mechanistic and alternative
  • healing is profound, long and intense, but can change us in beautiful ways
  • meditation isn’t always easy, where to start, tips and tricks for being consistent and integrating a practice into your daily life
  • the physiological differences between acts of mindfulness and meditation
  • the incredible significance of being kind to yourself
  • you are worthy and deserving of self care
  • self care as a selfless act, not a selfish act

What a wonderful episode about the importance of mindfulness and self care! It truly was an episode filled with so much light and love.

To work with Madison connect with her here at her website

To listen to her meditations follow this link

Find her on instagram here

I am so grateful to Maddison for having this beautiful conversation with us today and for sharing so openly. It was such a pleasure to share this time together!

Thank you for listening and if you enjoyed this podcast I’d love to hear from you or if you feel called to, then leave me a 5 star review on the iTunes podcast app 🙂

Happy listening my friends,

Steph xx

025 – Self Worth, Awareness and Growth with Tessa Lloyd

This week we are joined by Tessa Lloyd, the gorgeous Mental Health OT, Art Therapist and founder and creator of The Art of Insight and Our Mindful Youth. This episode is all about learning to understand ourselves a little better, the importance of self reflection and awareness. We discuss Tessa’s experience with an autoimmune disease, her past of ‘running’ and the beautiful effects that art therapy and breath work can have. This is a beautiful and eloquent episode about understanding our mental health, you can connect with Tessa at @tessajlloyd on instagram – Enjoy, my friends.

Welcome to the Steph Sanzaro Podcast.

This week we are joined by the incredible Tessa Lloyd, a Mental Health Occupational Therapist, Art Therapist, founder of The Art of Insight and Our Mindful Youth.

Episode 25 is a very fluid and beautiful episode, carried by the enchanting voice of Tessa. Her episode highlights the importance of self awareness in helping us to recognise and understand ourselves and our emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Understanding ourself, can help to enrich our lives and relationships. It’s understanding why we say and do the things we do. In this episode we touch on how significant this is and how important it is to acknowledge and validate our feelings as a pathway to enhancing our lives.

This episode will take us through:

  • self care rituals during this uncertain season
  • Tessa’s self awareness and growth journey
  • developing an autoimmune disease and the unconscious ways it shaped the women she grew into
  • how our greatest pain can make us more empathetic and understanding
  • repeating the same patterns in relationships and it’s toxic cycle
  • the beautiful act of rebellion against societal norms to stop, sit and appreciate how far we’ve actually come on our journey
  • what is ‘holding space’ and why is it so important for ourselves and others around us?
  • the scientific and spiritual importance of the ‘Breath’ in helping to ground us in moments of anxiety or ‘monkey brain’
  • the beauty of Art Therapy as a healing mechanism
  • uncovering your true creative self
  • fear and shame, containing the expression of our highest self
  • believing we are unworthy of self care and self love and where to start with overcoming this feeling

What a wonderful episode! I loved talking to Tessa about her work and her passion for helping others with mental health, you can truly see that she is doing her ‘soul work’.

We are all at different stages of our self healing journey. Maybe you have just begun or perhaps you are months or years into yours. But no matter where we are, it’s important to sit and appreciate the awareness it takes to try and understand yourself and better yourself.

Where ever you are on your journey, it can be very helpful to have mentors, therapists and others to help and lean on. If Tessa is someone you would like to connect with and work with I will leave her details for you below.

Work with Tessa and connect via LinkedIn

Find Tessa and her graphics we discussed on Instagram

Connect into the Mind Rising program

Thank you so much for joining us today and sharing your time as we have this mindful conversation!

Stay safe and well my friends,

Steph xx