037 – Rituals, Gratitude and Journaling with Your Host

This solo episode is all about rituals, gratitude and journaling! After a few requests, I decided to combine the three into a short 25 minute episode sharing my morning rituals/morning routine that I use to create a really beautiful mindset for the day, a template for my journal entries and why I appreciate gratitude as a means for elevating our vibration. If you enjoy this episode you can connect with me further via @stephsanzaro on Instagram xx

Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today you are joining me for a short solo episode on Rituals, Gratitude and Journaling.

Over the past month I have had a few requests to talk about my journaling and morning rituals, so I decided to combine them and to discuss a little bit about gratitude as well, three things that I like to use to elevate my morning and to start my day off in a beautiful mindset.

I have been using writing as a form of self exploration for many years but I’ve only adopted a daily journaling habit within the past year and I have seen it as a beautiful time for self reflection and a source of greater understanding. I share my template for journaling here with you today, not as a recommendation but simply as a peek into my own practice.

In the current moment I am apart of a wonderful yoga immersion called 40 Days and 40 Nights run by the fantastic Bec over at Zero Point Yoga. In this episode I briefly talk about what the course has been like and the rituals involved. This has been such a brilliant investment in helping me to learn and adopt new skills into my every day life, I could not recommend it more. To find out when her next enrolment will be, stay tuned here.

In this episode we will look a little further into why gratitude is so important and how starting our day with appreciation can be so important for us in focusing on the good energy rather than the negative.

Today we discuss:

  • morning rituals and routines
  • small introduction to Zero Point Yoga’s 40 Days and 40 Nights yoga immersion
  • movement for mental health
  • nourishing our body through food
  • creating gratitude lists
  • a template for my journal entries
  • feelings, validation and mapping
  • writing as a tool for self exploration

Thank you so much for listening and sharing your time with me. You can connect with me over at @stephsanzaro on Instagram, your thoughts and feelings are always welcome.

Happy listening,

Steph x

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