A challenge to come back into our sense of self, through breath and movement.

100 days of Your Yoga.

I am so excited to be undertaking this challenge and to be doing it with so many of you! I know a few of you are lone wolves, but some of us operate better with a little accountability!

That is why I have created this template so that you can stay accountable to your challenge through instagram stories 🙂 Just click or hold to save to your phone.

Below I have listed a few rules that I will be following myself, to stay safe and away from injury, with a few great online yoga resources for you to use!

Hold to download and save to camera roll.

When committing to a huge challenge like this it is really important to be careful and considerate of our body and its limitations, that is why I set myself a few rules that you are more than welcome to follow along with too.

These are the rules I have set for myself, you’re free to alter and change to best suit you 🤍⁣


1. Leave your ego at the door. What does this mean? It means that if you’re new to yoga (or anyone practicing yoga really), go gentle. Don’t push for a posture, over stretch or compete with the person in front of you or on your screen. Unfortunately this is the easiest way to land ourselves injuries and put us out of commission for a good while (I’m speaking from experience… my hamstring has never been the same 🤭)⁣

2. Rest. During practice, use child’s pose or down dog to take a moment and just breathe. It is okay to stop and regather yourself. Your practice is YOUR practice and you can alter whichever movements you need to, to suit best you. But try not to skip savasana (you know who you are) 😆⁣

3. Practice both Yin and Yang yoga. Yin, for gentler more calming practices. To connect into the feminine, help lengthen and for days where a flow just feels like a bit too much and you just need a gooey and restful practice. Yang, your more physical and active yoga, connects more to the masculine, for days where you have energy and vibrancy, are after a challenge and want to build strength and endurance. Utilize both types within your week to find a beautiful balance.⁣

4. ‘100 days’ doesn’t have to mean ‘100 days in a row’. If it is, that’s wonderful but if you need to rest, rest. If you can’t practice, it’s okay! Be kind to yourself and treat this like a marathon, not a race.⁣

5. Start practicing at your level of expertise!! Beginners start with gentler and shorter classes (me rn 🙋🏻‍♀️). More advanced can play to their own capabilities. There are no heroes in yoga, there is no need to practice outside your capabilities (injuries, accidents and incorrect habits can form)⁣

6. Be mindful. Yoga is not just an exercise, it’s a mindful activity. Take the time to slow down, focus, and connect your breath to your body and it’s movements. This is the most important part.⁣

100 days. It’s your Yoga. Be kind and understanding to yourself.


Yoga with Adrienne
Yoga with Tim
Alo Moves
Hummy Puppy Online
Moody App
Down Dog App
Yoga Girl
A Live Yogi

All available online and from the comfort of your own home 🙂 If your city or state is allowing you to go to Yoga studios again, show your support by heading out to those to and showing the Yoga Teachers some love.

Love Steph xx

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