024 – Fear, Safety and Orgasm with Asti Maree

An important episode about rediscovering your sexual power. In this episode Asti Maree, a female sexual empowerment educator takes us through the unconscious blocks to our sensuality and ability to orgasm. She explains the importance of love, safety and belonging and takes us through the significance of boundaries and not letting your fear cock block you. This episode holds some serious gravity surrounding our conditioning, trauma and mindset. Keep your mind open friends, Asti has a lot to teach us all. Connect with her on instagram at @asti.maree

Welcome back to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast.

In today’s episode we are joined by the effervescent Asti Maree, an incredible female sexual empowerment educator.

After years on her own sexual empowerment journey, Asti has found her purpose in helping other women rediscover their own.

As adults there can be a lot of shame and disgust attached to sex, but what can be found hiding underneath tends to be our conditioning and our trauma; leading to sensuality issues as adults, even resulting in the inability to orgasm.

In today’s episode Asti shares with us:

  • Her own sexual empowerment journey 
  • The way other women resonate with her being a stripper and how it correlates with the relationship they have with their own sexuality 
  • Destroying a belief that love and desire cannot coexist 
  • Stepping back into your own sexual power
  • Thriving as individuals in a relationship and together
  • How our childhood trauma can effect our sensuality as adults 
  • The unconscious conditioning of shame, towards sex and pleasure 
  • We cannot be thriving if were ‘surviving’, flight or fight mechanisms
  • Love, safety and belonging; as the building blocks to orgasm
  • Getting out of your head and surrendering to pleasure 
  • How our conditioning can lead us to believe we’re not allowed to orgasm, or don’t deserve orgasm
  • How to stop fear from cock blocking us from achieving our greatest desires
  • Acknowledging your emotions to disarm their power
  • The importance of boundaries in sex and relationships
  • How knowing your worth can change your life

This episode is filled with so much goodness from the beautiful Asti.

There is so much psychology behind sex, that could easily never be brought to the surface for many of us; but with Asti’s help she is guiding other women to dig deep and to find their blocks to pleasure.

If the work Asti does intrigues you and you would like to find out a little bit more about your own unconscious conditioning towards sex, or how you too can achieve orgasm, follow the links I will list for you below!

Find her:




Become apart of her program by clicking here

Thank you all so much for sharing your time with Asti and I today and I hope you learnt something of value and interest to you today and perhaps something that you didn’t in fact know before listening to this conversation.

Like always, Asti and I love your feedback and thoughts and absolutely love to talk with you guys about what you have heard in these episodes!

If you would like to connect with either of us, please do not hesitate! Or if you would like to share Asti’s message with more people out there, then share a screen grab to your instagram story and get the word out there.

Happy listening my wonderful friends

Love Steph xx

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