018 – Things Don’t Always Go To Plan – India Audio Blog Part 2 – With Your Host Steph Sanzaro

In Episode 18 I detail the sagas of my last few weeks in India. I tell the stories of the fun and crazy things I got up to and of course the story of getting hit with Typhoid Fever and Dengue Fever simultaneously, landing me in an Indian hospital for 8 days. Whilst not everything went according to plan… I simply wouldn’t change a thing!

Hey guys!

I am back for the first podcast of 2020.

Since returning from India, my life has solely been about letting my body rest and recover… and not a lot else! There has been very little activity and unfortunately that’s why the podcast has been a little quiet lately!

If you’re not already aware, in December whilst traveling India I fell ill with Typhoid Fever AND Dengue Fever… at the same time. I was hospitalised for 8 days and it was one of the hardest experiences I have ever been through.

I can honestly say though, I wouldn’t change the experience for anything. I learnt so much and grew exponentially just from having that experience and that is all that matters to me.

Episode 18 is Part 2 of my India Audio Blog.

Part 1 detailed the experiences I was having in my early months in India and the stomach bug that also landed me in hospital.

Part 2 concludes my incredible travels in India and details all of the events, experiences and things I got up to.

It’s a story telling episode, if you will.

India was the most incredible country to visit for my first solo trip and I cannot recommend it enough! It has to be on the bucket list for sure.

Though challenging and hard at times, India is a vortex unlike no other.

It will have my heart always.

I hope you guys enjoy this episode and a little look into my travels!

Happy listening

Steph xx

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