010 – Mind, Body, Plants with Tommy Moore

In this episode I speak with Tommy Moore of Mind, Body, Plants about plant based health and nutrition, the common myths of eating a plant based diet, competing as a plant based athlete and all things meditation and mindfulness. It truly is an info packed episode!

Welcome to episode 10 of the Plant Based Body Podcast.

Prepare to get your ‘nerd’ on in todays episode. Tommy Moore takes us through all of the science behind why you should adopt a plant based diet.

We start off discussing the science behind a plant based lifestyle and Tommy explains his experience with doing a fitness competition whilst eating this way.

We talk supplements, the big protein question, B12, DHA EPA Omegas, Iron.

What does Tommy eat in a day to fuel his workouts and his gym performance? We got you covered!

Tommy is the founder of Mind Body Plants a new podcast promoting all things the brain, mindfulness, nutrition and physical activity. It’s all about breaking down the science and clearing up the confusion.

We also discuss a 10 day silent meditation that Tommy was apart of. It is an incredible listen. Imagine not being able to speak, look anyone in the eye or read and meditating 10 hours a day… So intriguing!

Do you think you could do it?

– You can find more from Tommy on Instagram here

-Or find his Podcast Money Body Plants here

Happy listening guys!

Steph x

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